What makes Job Analyzer different from other sites like Monster or CareerBuilder?

JA is not a Job Site per se. JA is a Management tool that allows you to view jobs from numerous sites, create job opportunities, send resumes and apply for jobs via email and other methods. And then most importantly track all of that activity.

How does JA access information from other sites?

Many Job Boards have published APIs, which is an interface that allows companies like JA create a Mobile App to access that data. The integrity of that data remains as you are still applying for a Job from those sites. JA Manages that activity and provides access to many sites eliminating the need to sign in to multiple sites and have numerous different usernames and passwords.

What mobile devices do JA Support?

JA will support all devices that run Apple iOS 4 or above and Android operating systems 4.0 or above.


What is applied outside in my workspace?

As a Management tool, we want all of your job search activities to be maintained within the JA personal dashboard. If a user gets a call from a recruiter, an agency or personal referral you can add those contacts into the system. Once added you can send a resume and even schedule an interview complete with maps to the location of the meeting and even an alert prior to the meeting.


What do the reports on the dashboard mean?

At JA not only do we track all of your activities but we add perspective. The Changing reports at the top of that dashboard show you how you are doing. Example: If you have applied to 100 jobs with less than a 5% response rate you may want to consider fine tuning your resume. If you are not getting second interviews you may want to refine your interview skills.


How can I send a resume from my mobile phone or tablet?

There are actually several ways to do this. Since JA has a Web version and Mobile version you can upload your resume to your profile then access and send from your phone. You can take a picture and save it as a jpg. You can download apps that allow Apple and Android to store .doc or pdfs on your mobile device. And finally the newer Apple devices support MS Office. In all cases JA will tag these if sent from the JA App so you will know who you sent it do and when. Then that information is readily available in your personal dashboard.